Sage Delio, self portrait #1

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Sage Delio (née Fremont) might be considered a modern day renaissance woman, with her diverse interests and talents spanning across the fields of creative writing, computer science, music, and the arts. Sage is always exploring new ways to express herself and push the boundaries of what is possible. As a fine artist, she specializes in surreal algorithmic works. Her poetry is known for its unique blend of traditional, confessional, and personal styles; often incorporating elements of technology and science fiction into her work. Her first collection of poetry and prose was released May 2022, with her book, “Blue Confessional.” Sage's inclination to blend different styles and themes results in a body of work that is compelling, with the ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Her musical recordings are equally eclectic, blending elements of classical, folk, and the experimental; creating a truly unique sound. Besides releasing music under the name “Sage Delio,” she is also the brainchild behind the musical acts “Merry Onette”, “April Omen”, “Gibson Heights”, “Summi Mors”, and some other lesser projects. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Sage is also a computer scientist, software engineer, and video game developer. Sage’s space simulator, “Return to Nothing,” placed in the top 8% for "Innovation" at Ludum Dare 45. Her work is noted for both its imagination and passionate ingenuity. Sage is CEO for Delio Enterprises, LLC., and the ventures of Siphon Records, Delio Gallery, BFlat Interactive, and Gabby & Min Publications. Sage is based in the Greater Philadelphia Area, Pennsylvania.

2022 Ludum Dare 51 (Online)
2021 Artist Choice VI Exhibition, Camelback Gallery (Online, Scottsdale, AZ) *
2021 “Abstracts” Art Exhibition, LST Gallery (Online, Palm Springs, CA) *
2021 “CityScapes” Art Exhibition, LST Gallery (Online, Palm Springs, CA) *
2020 Ludum Dare 46 (Online) *
2019 Ludum Dare 45 (Online) *
* Award Winner

2021: Silver Award, Camelback Gallery — Woman in Dress
2021: Special Recognition Award, LST Gallery — Transcendence
2021: Special Recognition Award, LST Gallery — City of Smog
2020: Top 3% in the "Theme" category at Ludum Dare 46 — VITAL 2020
2019: Top 8% for "Innovation" at Ludum Dare 45 — Return To Nothing